Resolutions 2012 – My Take

I created this blog on an impulse and am now sitting and staring at the big blank white screen wondering what to blog about – talk about a writer’s block even before you start writing!

Hmm.. what should I blog about? the weather? Nah – too English, too mundane..

How about the latest English flick released last week – huh? I haven’t watched it yet so no ways I can pull that one off!

OK, how about treating my blog site like my personal diary and talking about how my day was yesterday and all my feelings at the conscious and sub conscious level? Spilling my guts out first thing in the morning is not my cup of tea folks, so scratch that..

What about analyzing the headache I have since 2 days which seems to have taken a vow to be my bosom pal this year? This is only making my headache worse and the complex 2nd level “inception type” dream I has last night has not helped it one little bit :(.

Just a minute – it’s the new year, 2012 – what better stuff to write about that New Year Resolutions? that million dollar question asked by every Tom, Dick and Harry the first week of every New Year? Sounds interesting and do-able, so here goes my list of “resolutions” for this year:

  1. Not to make any new year resolutions
  2. And in the event I do make any resolutions, to do everything in my power to break them.
  3. To wake up at 5.30 AM everyday and do yoga and meditation followed by a 30 mins walk on the treadmill.
  4. I resolve to eat very healthy – only salads and wholesome vegetarian food.
  5. Will indulge in chicken, ice creams and chocolates only once a month 😦 😦
  6. Work very hard and very late everyday.
  7. Be the most proactive employee at work and be the apple of my boss’ eye 🙂
  8. No internet browsing interruptions at work – I resolve to never check my Gmail, FB or blog sites even once during office hours and neither will i log in to online chatting.
  9. Will watch only informative and business channels on TV – no more Masterchefs  cookery shows or Emotional Athyachaar for me.
  10. Internet time restricted to only 10 mins per day (waaaah! :(). Life is too precious to be squandered away in front of a dumb machine!
  11. Go to bed by 9.30, considering the gruelling schedule I have set for the next day.
  12. The most important resolution – stick to Resolution No.1 and No. 2 at any cost.


Since I have already broken Resolutions number 3, 4, 9 and 10, I am well on my way to keep up my resolutions this year 🙂

Have a great weekend folks!


2 comments on “Resolutions 2012 – My Take

  1. Zenwalker says:

    Nothing is impossible. Just make up your mind. Just like you did abt blogging. Just start and rest just follows with abit more effort. thats all.

    Oh btw, you got a good writing style. I like it. Keep it up.

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