Tough one this – to write about yourself! Writing a resume would probably be easier!

I am from Bangalore, India and work as an admin executive. Hoping to do my Masters in HR one day and move up the corporate ladder.

Have varied interests. Enjoy good English movies and music. Am a voracious reader and can devour anything from comics, pulp fiction, mindless romantic rubbish, action thrillers to books on Philosophy and Spirituality – I adore Harry Potter and am still possessive about my collection of Archies, Jugheads, Asterix and Tintins. Yes, I do have a fairly large collection of M&Bs and Harlequins nestling alongside the Dan Browns, Sidney Sheldons, Wilbur Smiths, Baldaccis, Jeffery Archers and the like . I have almost all titles of James Hadley Chase and Alistair MacLean and I remember haunting Mecca Stores near Commercial Street for years for one specific title. You bet I got that book :). I loved Dr. Brian Wiess’ book series of Many Lives Many Masters. Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life had quite an influence on my thinking and I did try Rhonda Byrne’s tips in Secret. 😦 . There was one book on Meditation and awakening the Kundalini which enthralled me but alas, I cannot recall the name of the author – just that it was Swami (Somebody). I read about the Black Pearl for the first time in that book.

Like having fun but have also been accused of being very cautious by some friends. Love and enjoy travelling and one of my dreams to is go on a world tour some day.

My current interest is to blog, to experiment with writing and try and discover whether I have some skills at all in this area.  And what better way to explore than this medium which practically opens up the entire Universe, so to speak!



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