Rustic Marketplace – “Santhe” (in Kannada) or “Village Shandy”

Enroute to Madikeri from Bangalore, we made an unscheduled stop near a town alongside the state highway just before Hunsur – the reason was the bustling village shandy (village shopping center) which caught our eye.

I, being the complete city bred that I am, grabbed the opportunity of experiencing the “santhe” firsthand. I Unfortunately forgot to carry my digicam and had to make do with a few pics using my trusty old W705. I could capture just a few pictures since we were in a hurry to move on. With Mom and my aunt busy filling the shopping bag with all the farm fresh goodies, I surreptitiously clicked a few photos trying not to attract attention in that quaint market.

1. Makeshift shelters under which the hawkers sell their goodies


2. The “Florists” πŸ™‚


3. Close up of Chrysanthemums – this is a slightly different variety compared to the one we commonly find in Bangalore.


4. Array of spices..


5. Veggies..


6. I could not resist taking this pic – especially with the onion prices spirally upwards πŸ˜›


7. Fancy some ginger garlic paste folks? πŸ™‚


I wish I had the time to explore it more and take some interesting pics… Hmm.. maybe next time..


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